We created an enriching learning environment

We created an enriching learning environment

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There are many factors that influence a child’s early learning and they include the child’s parents, caregivers, peers and the people in the neighborhood. Perhaps the factor that exerts the strongest influence is the learning environment. A learning environment is a mix of learning aids, spaces and the teachers that stimulate learning among children. A learning environment can encompass a child’s home, neighborhood, outdoors or a classroom.

Create a homely learning environment

A child’s learning environment should be welcoming and interesting. Unfamiliar surroundings and people may trigger a stress response, which will have an adverse impact on the psychological health and learning abilities of the children. Therefore, creating early childhood classrooms that resemble homely environment is the most important prerequisite to make children feel comfortable.

Different parts of an environment can have different stimulation levels. Large areas encourage movement and children like playing in those areas and closed areas with more soft features enable children to involve themselves in reading or discovery activities. Hence it is clear that a diverse environment creates a variety of experiences and opportunities for a young learner.

An effective learning environment encourages learning through play with a rich and diverse set of materials and learning opportunities. An effective learning environment will also be responsive, containing features that involve all five senses and provoke creativity and thinking. Arranging things such as a nature table and simple dolls or figures and encouraging them to arrange them or closely observe them will stimulate their senses and trigger a growth in their sensory motor abilities.

Promote interaction among children

Creating a socially-stimulating learning environment in which all the children can mingle freely with each other is also very significant. Any tendencies or practices that inhibit interpersonal communication should be discouraged. Preschool teachers should act more as facilitators instead of resorting to the conventional chalk and talk methods. Preschool classrooms should have more open space that facilitate collaborative activities. Interpersonal communication among children gives them the much needed exposure to different perspectives while playing and gives them an opportunity to learn to interact.

So, why is creating an enriching learning environment is so important? The answer lies in the concept of brain plasticity. Our brain is a complex organ that constantly changes and evolves by establishing new neural connections. Throughout our lives, the brain re-wires itself based on experiences and exposures. This is why creating an augmented learning environment for the children during their early stages of development is so important.

At Peapods early learning center we have created an enriching learning environment for the children to stimulate faster growth in their cognitive abilities. We have classrooms for children that closely resemble their homes and make them feel comfortable. We even have large open spaces where they can play under the observation of their caregivers.

We created an enriching learning environment
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We created an enriching learning environment
At Peapods early learning center we have created an enriching learning environment for your children to stimulate faster growth in their cognitive abilities.
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