Facilitating rapid cognitive development among children

Facilitating rapid cognitive development among children

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Children, as their abilities are still in a nascent stage, think differently from adults. Therefore, early childhood teaching is all about stimulating the cognitive development among the children. When their cognitive capabilities get sharpened, they acquire the ability to comprehend this world in a better manner and get ready to face their future.

Cognitive theory proposed by the well-known psychologist, Jean Piaget, is concerned with the development of an individual’s thought processes. It also looks at how these thought processes evolve and influence our understanding of this world and how we interact with it. Piaget’s theory tells us about the stages and sequence of the cognitive development that happens among the minds of the children.

Various stages in the developmental process:

The Sensorimotor Stage: A period of time between birth and age two, during which an infant’s knowledge of the world is limited to his or her sensory perceptions and motor activities. They spend most of their time observing their parents and their immediate vicinity, and their behaviors are limited to simple motor responses such as moving their limbs and showing certain expressions on their faces. During this stage parents and care givers can provide them with enriching sensory stimuli to quicken the development of their sensorimotor abilities.

The Preoperational Stage: A period between ages two and six, during which a child learns to use its language, especially its mother tongue. They observe their parents and the people in their neighborhood and try to imitate their speech to acquire languages. During this stage, children do not yet understand any concrete logic, cannot comprehend the subtle messages and are unable to appreciate the point of view of other people.

The Concrete Operational Stage: A period between ages seven and eleven during which children gain a better understanding of their mental abilities. They begin thinking logically about concrete events, but have difficulty understanding abstract, complex concepts.

The Formal Operational Stage: A period between the age twelve and adulthood when people develop the ability to think about abstract, complex concepts. Skills such as logical thought and systematic planning also start showing up during this stage.

As per Piaget’s theory, children undergo a slow and gradual developmental process, and at each and every stage they need some enriching inputs and stimuli to quicken and reinforce this process. Only trained and knowledgeable care givers and teachers can execute this task. We, at Peapods early learning center, are aware of this process and have the right people onboard to guide the children in the right direction.

Facilitating rapid cognitive development among children
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Facilitating rapid cognitive development among children
At Peapods we know how the cognitive development happens among the minds of the children and train them accordingly.
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