Multiple Intelligences in Early Childhood

Multiple Intelligences in Early Childhood

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Multiple Intelligences in Early Childhood

We humans are capable of carrying out a wide variety of activities and executing a range of tasks, and we require multiple intelligences to deal with the activities and tasks. An athlete needs kinesthetic intelligence, a mathematician requires logical intelligence, and a poet makes use of her linguistic intelligence. The interesting thing is all these intelligences start manifesting among humans in their early childhood itself.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences, proposed by Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist, lists out eight intelligences. They include musical, spatial, linguistic, logical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and ecological. All these intelligences, which play a lead role in facilitating the cognitive development among the children, start evolving at a very early age. The development of these multiple intelligences depends on the experiences children undergo and the environment they get exposed to during their early childhood.

Growth of neural connections during early childhood

Scientific findings reveal that everyday experiences cause the formation and the strengthening of new neural connections in human brains. Brain forms more than 1 million neural connections per second during the early childhood. Therefore, keeping a child’s brain active during these years by putting her through a stimulating environment, where she can accumulate enriching experiences, is very vital. These connections that get formed during the early childhood prove to be instrumental in preparing a strong launch pad for their future lives and careers.

Peapods cultivates multiple intelligences

At Peapods Early Learning Center, we built a stimulating ambience, where children can undergo enriching everyday experiences. We also have the facilities for the children to empower them to cultivate the multiple intelligences. If your child manifests great kinesthetic intelligence very early, he or she could be a prospective athlete or a dancer. If she manifests great logical intelligence, she could be a prospective mathematician or even a chartered accountant. So the early childhood learning and experiences go a long way in setting the future course for a child.

At Peapods the children are surrounded with good language to enable them to enrich their vocabulary. They are encouraged to explore, play and be creative. They are also encouraged to cultivate empathy, self-esteem and self-confidence, which let them acquire strong inter and intrapersonal intelligences. All in all, at Peapods we strive to make the inherent capabilities present in your children to manifest early.

Multiple Intelligences in Early Childhood
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Multiple Intelligences in Early Childhood
At Peapods we emphasize on bringing out the multiple intelligences inherent among your children very early
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