0–12 Months Childcare

0–12 Months Childcare

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We know how hard it is to leave your precious baby in the care of others so we have created a room that offers a home from home experience. Our babies 0 to 12 months will be cared for in a beautiful open plan room. It is a large, bright and airy environment that gives a spacious and homely feel. Because the stages of development are so vast during these years we have separated the space using room dividers giving us ‘Red Peas’, for our younger babies and ‘Yellow Peas’ for our young toddlers, 1-2yrs.

The Red Peas have a 1:3 staff to child ratio, which not only exceeds OFSTED standards, but means we, can cater for the individual needs of each baby and follow the routines you have already developed.In stimulating surroundings, all of the children will be exposed to a variety of tactile and hands on activities that encourage all areas of development, including physical and communication. The babies also have the opportunity for cuddles and quiet time with an integral sleep room and cots available. All of our children go outside on a daily basis.

The Red Peas babies have individual routines, discussed and agreed in partnership with you to ensure that they have consistent care at nursery that meets their very unique patterns and routines. The babies have a wide range of exciting activities available as they grow and develop. Activities will include treasure baskets, sensory fun, creative, construction, music/singing, physical, outdoor play and many more.
 We provide a specialised weaning menu which supports the babies through the different stages in partnership with your wishes.

When the children reach around 18 months old they will spend time settling into one of our two toddler rooms, . As all of the staff work closely together across these rooms the transition will be managed seamlessly and effectively. When the babies move on the activities will develop with them as they become more independent and inquisitive. We look forward to supporting our youngest children and seeing the amazing changes in each individual as their personalities develop and begin to shine through.
Come and have a look, meet the team and see what we offer.

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