1–2 Years Childcare

1–2 Years Childcare

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Your 1 year old continues to develop at an amazing rate, toddling, exploring, investigating and absorbing everything around them. As their independence and growing personalities builds them into curious individuals. The Red Peas Room offers space for them to practice and fine tune their recently found gross motor skills from crawling to walking, climbing, running, dancing and jumping all within a safe and secure environment. Through this crucial time for language and communication development we have plenty of resources such as books, puppets and instruments that will inspire and encourage your little ones to flourish.
As our ‘babies’ become independent ‘little people’ we aim to nurture their development while still offering a relaxed homely atmosphere. As they begin to grow and develop, eating and sleeping patterns begin to change, solid food has replaced the milk as the main source of nutrients and the children are catered for from our main nursery menus. While nap times usually fluctuate there is still plenty of opportunity to sleep and for quite times within the nursery day when needed. Play at this age begins to change and the children start to reflect on daily routines and discover their imaginations. Initiating games such as mimicking everyday routines such as cooking dinner or dusting, feeding babies or putting them to bed, driving cars or flying aeroplanes making the engine noises or roaring like dinosaurs and stamping their feet as they trudge through the jungle.

This is an amazing age where children rely so much on their carers to be role models but are also becoming self sufficient. By giving them the freedom to explore, investigate and providing inspirational equipment and activities as well as the love and personal care they need we allow our children to learn, grow and develop as individuals. The 1-2 year old children have a nursery routine taken from a natural pattern which gives the day structure but planning is guided by the children’s interests and will be developed to suit them individually. Activities will include sensory fun, creative, construction, music/singing, physical, outdoor play and many more. We look forward to supporting our young children and seeing the amazing changes in each individual as their personalities develop and begin to shine through.
Come and have a look, meet the team and see what we offer.

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