2–4 Years Childcare

2–4 Years Childcare

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At two years old your child will be getting more and more independent with their own mind and ideas. At this important time for you and your family we have two rooms; Yellow Peas and Green Peas that allow children the freedom to explore, investigate and experiment within a safe and secure environment. Supporting the children with their new found (and still developing) language skills, imaginative play, co-ordination and physical skills, as well as toilet training and dressing skills.
Recognising that this age group learns so much from their peers but also from older children as role models, we have mixed age group rooms, these are for our children aged 2-4 years. As your child turns three the changes in them are immense. In a fun and informal way, we nurture each individual child whilst developing their confidence and all round skills in preparation for them to move on to ‘big school’. Both rooms have a huge variety of equipment and activities as well as daily access to the outdoors to support and enhance all round development. Giving the children clear boundaries to keep them safe it allows them the freedom to grow independently.

The Green Peas have been set up to allow the children freedom of choice and independence, to ignite imagination and focus on all areas of development; learning through play. The children have access to a huge assortment of different equipment and experiences to help them develop the skills for later in life. Through our experience we have seen that while these manufactured items are essential to their learning it is also important to give them contact with every day and natural items that they can experiment with and explore. Embedded in our daily routine we incorporate the Reggio Emilia philosophy. This is a programme based on the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment, based on the interests of the children.

Evidence has shown how much children learn from each other and it is imperative for them to become confident in groups with their peers. It is also important that they spend time with different aged children and within a typical day they are able to break away with staff into smaller groups and spend time with children of various ages. This can allow siblings to mix within a day but also equips the older children with a vast understanding of empathy and spacial awareness as their play changes while they interact with each other.
Before your child is due to go onto school we will start to implement a program to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. We have a library scheme where the children can take nursery books to share with you at home and we will encourage the children to talk about big school in fun projects and activities including a uniform day. This period of time is often harder for you as parents than it is for the children so we hope to develop links with the local schools in order to define contacts for you and to advertise open days. We will also highlight reminders of application deadlines. We have ‘spare’ space in the nursery so that the 4yr olds can spend some pre-school time with a member of staff separately from the younger children. While in this age group they become the most independent this is where the skills they have developed over the years are refined and perfected. To see the children leave us is a hard part of our job but to know that they leave us with confidence and an eagerness to learn makes our job worthwhile

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