Home Cooked Healthy Food

Home Cooked Healthy Food

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The key to a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy balanced diet. We provide breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks for the children which is all home cooked, nutritionally balanced and includes a variety of different flavors and recipes. We also cater for any allergy, dietary or religious needs.

We have always been passionate about food and have spent the last few years extensively researching everything about child growth and nutrition. Using our own experience of weaning and feeding growing toddlers, together with expert advice and following the guidelines set out in Little Peoples Plates, we have created a five week breakfast, lunch and tea menu.

Our menus cater for the growing child’s nutritional needs, using simple, locally sourced (whenever possible) ingredients to create traditional family favorites. We feel sure this will encourage and promote healthy choices that will remain with the child throughout their adult life. Menus can be adapted to meet the needs of any allergy or dietary/medical/cultural requirement your child may have.

Sample menu

Boiled egg with toast fingers or cereal with toast Orange wedges & sliced pear Pork sausages (or Quorn), with bubble and squeak and onion gravy followed by crumble topped baked peaches with custard Crackers and cream cheese Courgette muffins, homemade dips & vegetable sticks Grapes and pineapple chunks

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