Safety of infants in child care centers

Safety of infants in child care centers

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Children like two things – playing and sleeping. These two things enable them grow into physically and psychologically healthy individuals.

Children, as they possess inadequate maturity and cognition to perceive dangers, are vulnerable to accidents especially while playing. Therefore, it is the responsibility of their parents and caregivers to stay vigilant and make their play areas safe and secure.
Here are some tips on how to make the lives of your tiny tots free from dangers.

Always be with your children while they are playing and keep a close watch on them. Even your children will be calling for your attention while they climb, jump and swing. So pay them the attention they require.

Check the playgrounds where your children often play. Make sure that there are no hazardous things and broken equipment that is potentially harmful to your kids, and if you find any such things report the issue to the appropriate authorities.

Ensure that you teach your children that pushing, shoving and crowding while in the playground may result in life threatening injuries, and therefore must be avoided.

Encourage them to dress appropriately for the playground. Ask them to remove necklaces, scarves and other clothing that can get caught on equipment and pose a strangulation hazard.

The way the little kids play is different from how the older kids play. Therefore, it is important to have a separate play area for children under 5. Ensure that children use age-appropriate playground equipment. For toddlers who are learning to walk, the play area must have a smooth and even surface to walk on.

Avoid playgrounds with non-impact absorbing surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete, and choose surfaces that are covered with sand, rubber mats or some other synthetic turf to avoid injuries to the children.

Check whether the playgrounds are maintained by qualified personnel, and whether a periodical safety audit takes place to avoid accidents.

Speak to the authorities of the child care center to know whether they have an age-appropriate, well maintained playground and the equipment. Broken and age inappropriate equipment is not suitable and may prove to be potentially harmful to them. If you observe any potentially hazardous equipment or things in the playground report them immediately and don’t let the children use them until there is a safety audit and the removal or repair of hazardous equipment gets completed.

At Peapods Early Learning Centre we have a completely safe and secure playground, which makes your kids play time free from any dangers. We undertake periodic safety audit to make sure that the equipment that is made available to the children is completely fit and safe. Our care givers keep monitoring the children under their care to ensure that they have safe play sessions.

Safety of infants in child care centers
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Safety of infants in child care centers
At Peapods Early Learning Centre we have a completely safe and secure playground, which makes your kids play time free from any dangers.
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