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Nursery Life

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Nursery Life School

The early years are so important in a child’s life, to lay firm foundations for future learning. Peapods Early Learning Centre will develop a strong partnership with you to ensure we offer the best start to your child.

Each child will have a learning journey which will record their development and experiences while they are with us. We understand that caring for such young children is a privilege and to involve you as the primary carer is paramount. By adding your input in to the learning journey through our ‘wow’ certificates as well as comments and feedback within the daily sheets/diary we can strengthen the crucial home/nursery partnership.

Health and well-being

Together with their enjoyment of the healthy balanced meals and snacks offered throughout the day at nursery (see Food) we want to look after the health and wellbeing of all the children in our care. That is why we actively promote healthy choices such as outdoor play, simple hygiene routines and cooking activities.


The outdoors will be accessed by all the children throughout the day – “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” Did you know that rickets is on the increase and a lot of young children are lacking in Vitamin D, and that this key vitamin which helps to keep bones strong comes from sunlight?

As well as supporting the children with hand washing and hair brushing, all the children (babies from 6 months) will have their own toothbrushes to encourage independence and routine of their own personal hygiene. All of this combined will encourage lifestyle choices that will remain with them into their adulthood.

We look forward to watching your children grow and develop with us and move throughout the nursery. Come and have a look, meet the team and see what we offer.

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