Common Questions & Answers

Educational Approach and Personal Development:

  • What is your current educational philosophy?At Peapods we believe in respecting every child as an individual. To provide a safe, caring environment, which provides for the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. We believe in providing a creative curriculum to full fill each child’s potential.
  • How do you balance play and learning, and support personal development like social skills? We have a routine set in each base room which also provides flexibility to follow children’s interest and needs.

Facilities and Activities:

  • What facilities are available, particularly outdoor spaces? We have a large class room with an amazing amount of natural sunlight with access to our two gardens which allows the children to have free from from class room to the garden. Our garden includes a preschool forest school.
  • What kind of activities do you offer? We provide all range of early years, exciting, fun, learning and stimulating activities based on children’s interests and needs. Children will have the opportunities to get exploring and get messy and we will take care of the rest.

Flexibility in Attendance:

  • Can my child start with half-days and later transition to full days? Yes sure, we can start with settling in sessions which are provided from us as Peapods. We can then make arrangements for the sessions you would like in half days and then set a date for the full day’s sessions when you are ready.
  • What are the timings for each? Timings for sessions are either full day (8am–6pm), AM session (8am–1pm) or PM session (1pm–6pm).

Nutrition and Dietary Needs:

  • What meal options are provided? We have an on site chef who prepares all the meals fresh on the day for our children taking in considerations their dietary and allergy needs. We have a two weeks menu which has various meals such as tagine and couscous, shepherds pie with vegetables, spaghetti bolognaise and much more – we can share our menu with you during the settling in periods.

Fee Structure:

  • Could you provide a breakdown of the fees for half-day and full-day options? The daily fees depend on the amount of sessions you are enquiring for.
  • Are there additional costs for activities or meals? For private children, meal charges are included in the cost.
  • Any suggestions/advice for maximising the cost value? The full time sessions can work out to be at a lower cost.

Government Funding and Concessions:

  • Are there any government schemes or concessions currently available that could assist with the costs? We do encourage the parents to check if they are eligible for the tax free childcare which can give working parents 20% off their childcare fees. In April 2024, there will be some funding available for working parents.

Staff Qualifications and Ratios:

  • What are the qualifications of your staff, and what is the staff-to-child ratio? We can proudly say 90% of our team is Level 2 and 3 qualified. Our ratios for babies is 1:3, toddlers is 1:5 and preschool is 1:8.

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