Arrivals and Departures

It is the policy of the Nursery to give a warm welcome to each child on their arrival.


  • AM sessions: 8am to 1pm Monday to Friday
  • PM Sessions: 1pm to 6pm Monday to Friday
  • AM/PM Sessions: 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

The Nursery will close promptly at 6pm and you should arrange to arrive in time to collect your child and be away from nursery by 6.00pm. In the event of an unavoidable delay please telephone the Nursery and let them know. The Nursery reserves the right to charge for attendance outside the agreed hours.

Parents/carers are requested to pass the care of their child to a specific member of staff who will ensure his/her safety, and that their attendance is recorded in the register.

For more information or advice
Call 07939 204 058