About Us

Peapods Early Learning Centre is an established chain of children’s day nursery based in Greenford Hall, Hanwell, Hayes, and Norwood Green.

Our approach is flexible and diverse to meet the needs of our local community and working parents.

Peapods Early Learning Centre provides a secure environment in which each child can grow to their full potential.

Personalized care and learning ensure that the diverse needs of individual children are met.

Peapods ELC aims to provide a free-flow approach, allowing children to explore at their own pace.

Traditional values with an emphasis on discovery and outdoor learning with an open plan environment with a secure garden that is accessible at all times.

New and innovative ways of observing children’s progress through our tablet software from EY Log. Observations are provided through various types such as audio, video, and photos can be accessed through a confidential username and password system given upon registration.

Brand new sensory room for children with a different learning focus every month.

Childcare vouchers and tax credit advice for working parents is available.

We are a Outstanding graded chain of nurseries. We are a part of the Healthy Early Years London Award and also part of the Healthy Work Place London.

For more information or advice
Call 07939 204 058