Parent’s Partnership

The Nursery team will work with parents as partners in providing quality care for their children.

Peapods use a unique system for recording and assessing children’s development through tablet software called EY LOG. This has been a great success amongst staff and parents which will enable parents to access the learning journey through an APP or online with a secure and confidential username and password.

Communication is vital to our success and parents will receive a monthly newsletter from the management through EY LOG which will update all parents on what the nursery has in store for the children in that particular month with exciting and new activities.

Children usually feel more confident and positive about themselves and their learning when parents/carers and practitioners work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

(EYFS – Effective practice: Parents as Partners)

Peapods Nursery recognises that to make children feel valued and to enhance the learning and development of those who attend our setting, a positive and effective partnership with parents/carers is essential and will be encouraged at all times. Successful relationships become partnerships when there is two-way communication and parents and practitioners really listen to each other and value each other’s views and support in achieving the best outcomes for each child.

As a consequence, Peapods will strive to provide a safe, welcoming, and happy environment for the children and families that access our service. We firmly believe that by working together parents/carers and educators can provide long-lasting and beneficial effects on the children’s learning and emotional well-being.

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